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                 KAREN FELDNER

South Florida singer-songwriter Karen Feldner has a lot to say! Her songs grab and twist heartstrings with their connection to the human condition- the oft ephemeral joy, and life’s pain and darkness suffused with redeeming light. From laugh out loud lyrics with jubilant infectious melodies, to real-life revelations of the grittiness of day-to-day existence, to the songs of hope that soothe the disenfranchised, Karen’s music resonates in today’s world.


Karen is a vocal mentor with non-profit Guitars Over Guns and is currently co-producing an album of original songs focusing on student songwriting.


Karen released 4 seasonal albums, The Collection: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, in 2019, allowing you to experience a vast array of colors and moods. Karen will be releasing “Barn’s Burnt Down,” crossing continents and time, connecting the wisdom and stories of elders, to create a fascinating album weaving the past to the digital world of today, set for release early 2023.


Karen is also a committee member of the North Beach Bandshell, the hub of the non-profit Rhythm Foundation, as well a member of the non-profit Ballad of America, whose mission is to preserve and celebrate America’s diverse cultural history. Karen is also trying to squeeze in launching her comfort brand Hugabop, flannel pillow hugs & Jammie Jeanz, urban flannel pajama jeans, so cute you’ll never want to take them off!


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