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The Surf Piranhas

Divers Cove

An American Band in Paris, yes... based in Paris, France. Mais, oui...!

Paris 1982 - It happened. The Surf Piranhas were there. Three American University students enrolled at the American University in Paris, who shared a love of Rock and Roll, as well as the worldly culture that they would soon find themselves entrenched in.

Student riots, tear-gas, wine, cigarettes, all-nighters; these come with the territory as does the joyous blare of Dick Dale, Jon & The Nightriders, The Cramps, et al. A vortex that inspired Drew Weaver, Jansen Press, Tony Leventhal, along with Frenchman Gilles Frégé to come together unfettered to get their act together. In The Surf Piranhas' case, this was accomplished with constant rehearsals in a seedy dank downtown wine cellar. They eventually broke out of the cellar, having toured the UK and playing multiple shows at Paris' infamous Gibus Club where it was not unusual to see the likes of Johnny Thunders or Edwin Starr checking out what the "hub-bub" was all about. Their campus shows were equally noteworthy, often inspiring ornate installations from the Paris-based Parsons Art School student-body and their professors. Their audience was nothing if not unique; attracting fans such as: Gene Kelley's daughter, Anthony Newly and Joan Collins' progeny, and a slew of sons and daughters, which reads like a "who's- who" from the diplomatic corps of the world.

Signed in 1984 to the ultra-hip Underdog Records (Carrere/New Rose), The Surf Piranhas released the full length, Both Sides of The Surf to critical acclaim; They were label mates with the likes of Sparks, The Flamin’ Groovies, Wilco Johnson (Dr. Feelgood), Whitesnake (yes...!), London Cowboys, and The Meteors. Rarified air for sure. Additionally The Surf Piranhas caught the ear of legendary French actor Coluche. Afternoons would frequently find them together recording at his Paris Rue Gazan studio. Both Sides of The Surf remains a highly collectible platter with its dulcet Surf-a-Billy, Scuba-Rock, and Tragic Instrumental Surf-narrative fervor. Simply put, The Surf Piranhas were exceptional. They were cool. High art yet low-brow... How refreshing...!

Fast forward to 2022... Up from the depths is a brand new album; entitled DIVERS COVE
(Y&T Music) that includes principals Drew, Jansen, and Tony, which was recorded in Nashville and includes special guest drummer Paul Deakin (The Mavericks) on the entire set. Produced and mixed by Jansen Press, these twelve new tracks capture the band's cinematic vibe as never before. It begs the question: What if Jack Nitzsche had indeed recorded Ennio Morricone in Nashville...?

What makes The Surf Piranhas unique is that they export all things "Western-American" via a filmic and traditional rock and roll musical prism. The desert, beach, the surf, cowboys, Tex-Mex taco stands, car culture, drag racing, diving, suburbia, Orange County. Driving beats, sun- drenched surf guitars, reverbs - are all the catalysts here. In short, with DIVERS COVE there is a no-stone-left-unturned approach offering the listener a truly special and exhilarating sonic experience of three-minute opuses.

Contact: Rich Ulloa (Y&T Music) •

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